World Map White/Black - Audrey & Me
 - 1
World Map White/Black - Audrey & Me
 - 2
World Map White/Black - Audrey & Me
 - 3
World Map White/Black - Audrey & Me
 - 4
World Map White/Black - Audrey & Me
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World Map White/Black

$70.00 AUD

Completely Customisable World Map!

Add a personal touch to your artwork with a customised world map.
Nursery Artwork, Great for living room, office space or children's room.

Size Options: (Dimensions)
Standard European/Australian sizes
-A0 84x119cm
-A1 59x84cm
-A2 42x59cm

Different Sample Titles:
-My Roots Lie Here
-My Family Around the World
-Places I Love
-Places We Love
-Places I Have Been
-Places We Have Been
-Places I Want to See
-Places We Want to See
or Choose your own title!

Please let us know whether you would like stars or hearts as place markers, a hot air balloon, airplane, or ship as well as your list of places.
Please try to limit the list of places to under 10, if there are too many we might not be able to add all the names at the bottom.

You can choose what font you would like the title of the map as well as the text along the bottom. Just let us know the number of the font you would like and for which part of the map. If you would like the font from the example or if you don't choose a font it will come with the fonts from the example.

An electronic proof of your map will be sent to you via email before printing and shipping.

The posters are all standard sizes if you wish you frame or mount them.