Mumma Necklace - Manhattan Turquoise - Audrey & Me
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Mumma Necklace - Manhattan Turquoise - Audrey & Me
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Mumma Necklace - Manhattan Turquoise - Audrey & Me
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Mumma Necklace - Manhattan Turquoise - Audrey & Me
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Mumma Necklace - Manhattan Turquoise

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Fashionable designer jewellery that just happens to be washable and baby friendly. The Manhattan collection, inspired by the sprawling metropolis of the Big Apple, brings together the hustle and bustle of modern life with the simple elegance of Upper East Side living.

The Manhattan Turquoise Mumma necklace can bring a calm sophistication to any mother's outfit. Under spoken and elegant, this Mumma necklace is as perfect for day-to-day wear as it is for special occasions with friends and family. 

Please note: due to Australia wide reclassification these items are no longer referred to as teething jewellery or sold as such - this applies to all retailers nationwide. Please see our FAQ's for more details.



This is not a toy. As with all types of jewellery, do not leave silicone jewellery with children or babies unsupervised. Always inspect your jewellery before use. Discard jewellery if any part of it is damaged, and contact Audrey and Me for a replacement. Please note that the clasp is not chewable, and that chewing on the clasp may cause damage to the necklace. 

All jewellery contains small parts. Please be aware that silicone jewellery can still constitute a choking hazard, particularly for children under the age of 3. Therefore, do not leave jewellery with any baby or child unattended or unsupervised. 

Audrey and Me silicone necklaces are NOT toys, and are not intended to be worn by babies or children.