Raising boys is way trickier than I expected!

Raising boys is way trickier than I expected and after Audrey having two sons is a VERY different experience. I grew up in a house that was neat, tidy and more often than not, quiet 📚 . Fast forward to my little family and it isn’t like that at all! 😂 It can get very messy (and Mumma doesn’t like mess!) My boys are boisterous! They’re noisy, hilarious, heartwarming, and more fun than I ever could have imagined. 
They’ve created a racetrack through and around the kitchen and lounge room, which means our furniture is constantly pushed up against the walls as they speed their scramblers through the house! 
Despite their very obvious ‘boyness’ I’m constantly taken aback by my sons’ sensitivity and empathy for others — the sweetest moments are when they comfort each other when sad, disappointed, or hurt.
Raising boys is a balancing act. I’m trying to embrace their energy and teach resilience, but I also want them to know that I value their emotions and what they have to say about the world around them.

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