Your Newborn Blanket Questions Answered

Your Newborn Blanket Questions Answered
  1. Should newborns have a blanket at night? Absolutely! Providing your newborn with a cozy organic cotton blanket at night ensures they stay snug and warm, promoting better sleep and comfort. Our organic cotton blankets are designed to provide the perfect level of warmth while ensuring breathability, creating a safe and comfortable environment for your precious little one. Cotton knit blankets also make excellent swaddles to keep bub feeling snug and secure. Many mothers actually feel that the extra stretch afforded by the knit make them the best choice for swaddles.

  2. Are knitted blankets safe for newborns? Organic cotton knitted blankets are not only safe but also highly recommended for newborns. Crafted with the softest organic cotton fibers, these blankets offer gentle warmth without overheating, making them ideal for your baby's delicate skin. Plus, the knitted design adds a touch of elegance to your nursery while providing the perfect cuddle companion for your little bundle of joy.

  3. Can I put a blanket on my newborn in a bassinet? Absolutely! Organic cotton blankets especially are perfectly suited for bassinets, providing your newborn with a soft and cozy layer of comfort as they sleep peacefully. Designed with safety in mind, our blankets are lightweight and breathable, ensuring proper airflow while keeping your baby comfortably warm throughout the night.

  4. How many blankets should a newborn have? You can never have too many organic cotton blankets for your newborn! Having a few on hand allows you to easily rotate them for washing while ensuring your baby always has a fresh and clean blanket to snuggle up with. Whether it's for swaddling, tummy time, or bedtime cuddles, our organic cotton blankets are versatile enough to meet all your baby's needs while providing the utmost comfort and security.


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