How do you fall asleep?

How do you fall asleep? I’ve had a lifetime of sleep issues and massive sleep anxiety ever since I was a child. We always thought I’d grow out of it, I never did!⠀
Not being able to fall asleep, not being able to switch off, it was a nightly battle. The only way I could cope was to distract myself with tv until I eventually fell asleep to a blue lit room. ⠀
I was never able to get ready for bed without the anxiety and stress of knowing it was going to be a struggle... Recently I decided that I needed to face it head on. I decided to take the tv out my room. Having it there was a crutch that was too tempting and resulted in me avoiding the underlying issues...⠀
I’ve found that with a clean and organized space (including my peace lily plant) I’ve been able to change my nightly mindset and focus on my need for rest and relaxation instead of all the other stresses trying to creep into my head.. the interrupted sleep Logan creates has also had its challenges but even that is slowly becoming less of a stress as I train myself to switch off... hopefully not too much that I don’t hear him calling out to me 😳⠀

.. I know it’s a long road and I’m not there yet but this space has helped bring me peace within my hectic life.. and for that I am very grateful 🙏🏻😴 

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