Taking Risks and my story!

Taking Risks and my story!

Starting @audreynme was a risk, committing to it instead of going back to teaching was an even bigger risk. It definitely wasn’t a decision that happened without many sleepless nights stressing! Now I’m pushed and challenged everyday. I’m setting my own timetable, I’m meeting and communicating with people from all around the country and world! I’m trying to share my passions with everyone who’ll listen! :D⠀

Sometimes you need to take a chance, to load up the back of the car and just go! When it comes to living a life less common you have to take some risks. Whether its committing to your photography business, online store or even starting a podcast/running marathon/just committing to getting fit, you’re going to need take some risks. You’re going to have to put yourself out there for people to see and say, “Okay world, here I am!”. We’ve been taught our entire lives to play it safe, but in my experience great things ONLY happen when you step out of your comfort zone. Playing it safe only ever leads to more of the same. 



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