We're pregnant! .... Here comes baby #4!

We’re pregnant!! Well me more so than anyone else but here comes baby # 4.. I can’t believe how excited I am and hoping that I’m going to be able to enjoy and have a chance to soak in as much of this baby as possible.. something I have found extremely difficult over the passed 6 years running my own business. My body has been through a lot since having Logan.. He left me with a lot of physical issues and I’ve spent the last two years having surgeries and countless amount of food intolerances.. but even with all that I still wasn’t deterred - Just when we thought we were entering that next “phase” of our lives… turns out we’re going to go back and do it all over again! …. As well as juggling everything that comes with having older children…. And running a business… wish me luck 😱 


Here’s hoping my body does this most incredible thing just one last time.