Who else gets fired up by inspiring business podcasts?

Who else gets fired up by inspiring business podcasts? While running your own business you may find yourself trying to do it all.. I’ve only recently learned the importance of asking for help.. not only do other people do certain things better than me, but realistically I just don’t have time for it all.. All those jobs that I always insisted on doing myself because I told myself I could handle it, the cutting, the pinning, the packaging, the photography.. it all just lead to complete burn out.. So I took the steps necessary to make my business stronger by finally breaking down that barrier and asking for help.. Now I can focus on the creative and running the actual business. Sitting down and planning out our content creation calendar has been fantastic. This is content creation day.. it’s still important being a part of the fun stuff and showing people the person behind the brand.. thank you so much @jennakutcher you rock! .

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