About us old

Commitment to Style.

Here at Audrey and Me, comfort and style are our passion. We’ve searched the globe for the best eco-friendly fabrics and designs and we’re committed to making everybody’s life just a little bit more stylish.

As a mother sometimes it can be hard enough to even get the family out the door let alone worrying about how everybody looks. We're working towards making looking stylish just that little bit easier.


Commitment to Quality.

Audrey and Me is committed to quality. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and our promise to you is that: all of our products are created with the utmost care and attention to detail. We're proud of our products and trust that you'll love them too!

Our products.

Synthetic baby products trap heat and this can make our little bundles of joy uncomfortably hot, sticky and irritable. Here at Audrey and Me, we are committed to using 100% natural fibres in our products, not just because they are better for the environment but also because they are better for baby. Our products are breathable, cool summer and warm in winter.

Why cotton? 

It’s a question we’re asked regularly – so we thought we’d provide more information about cotton, to help you understand why we chose to use it in our products:

  • Cotton is hypoallergenic; it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin or cause allergies. Synthetic products can increase the risk of aggravating eczema and cause skin irritation.
  • Cotton keeps the body cool in summer and warm in winter because it is a good conductor of heat 
  • Cotton is very versatile – it can be blended, coated, finished, is dry cleanable, and machine washable
  • Cotton’s softness makes it a universally preferred fabric for underwear and other garments or accessories that come into contact with the skin.
  • Cotton has a high absorbency rate and at saturation point can hold up to 27 times its own weight in water.
  • Cotton actually becomes stronger when wet.
  • Cotton breathes easily as a result of its unique fibre structure.  This helps make cotton more comfortable to wear than artificial fibres unable to provide similar ventilation.
  • Unlike synthetic fibres, cotton is a natural product and contains no chemicals.

Our Packaging.

Our packaging is made from 100% recycled materials.

Commitment to handmade.

Each and every one of our products is lovingly and meticulously handcrafted. Our fabric designs are chosen from a range of the best up and coming fabric designers that we can find and we only ever do limited fabric runs. For all of these reasons, we can stand by our guarantee that not only will you be receiving a product that is of the highest quality, you’ll also be receiving a product that is one of only a few of its like in existence!

Unique. Handmade. Sustainable.