Ring Sling Tutorials

Ring Slings 101

How to thread your ring sling - it's super easy and practice makes perfect!

How to use your Ring Sling

Get baby wearing in seconds; no wrapping, or buckling or mucking around with clips.


Additional Resources:

Babywearing International: https://babywearinginternational.org/what-is-babywearing/babywearing-resources/ring-sling/


Seat-making tips in a ring sling 

This video by Michelle Li from BWI of Atlanta shows three methods of getting a great seat in a ring sling.


Troubleshooting and threading:

This video by Jan of Sleeping Baby Productions includes tons of ring sling troubleshooting tips including how to keep the threading neat, how to get the sling mostly adjusted before putting in the baby, how to prevent ring slipping, and how to adjust without the rings migrating downward

 Front and Hip Carry with an older child:

This video by LaKeta Kemp from Tandem Trouble demonstrates how to do front and hip carry in a ring sling with an older baby.