Pram Liner - Skopelos Pastel
Pram Liner - Skopelos Pastel - Audrey & Me
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Pram Liner - Skopelos Pastel - Audrey & Me
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Pram Liner - Skopelos Pastel
Pram Liner - Skopelos Pastel
Pram Liner - Skopelos Pastel

Pram Liner - Skopelos Pastel

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Designed to protect your pram from spills and general wear and tear. An Audrey & Me pram liner is the best and most convenient way to keep your pram in the best possible condition.

Babies' skin can be especially sensitive to synthetics. Our naturally breathable pram liners allow air to circulate and can help regulate your little one's temperature while they're in the pram. 

Audrey & Me liners are custom made to fit your pram- let us know what type of pram you have and we'll make a liner to fit.

Made to order and guaranteed to fit. We make liners for all pram types. Just pop your pram type in here on the product page and we'll take care of the rest.

If you'd like a liner to fit your second seat or bassinet, please just include that along with your pram type.

For more information about how our liners fit please see our FAQ and Instagram

100% Cotton or Linen both of which are naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and temperature-regulating.

For the double thickness option we add a layer of Regal blend wadding.

We have made every effort to display the colour of our products as accurately as possible. Fabric colours may vary slightly due to photography and lighting.

Machine wash on warm gentle cycle. When wet, pull tight back into shape and line dry. Then tumble dry low from damp to fluff up inner if needed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Beautiful quality liner

Had been admiring these pram liners after a couple of Mums in my mums group had them. Such an extensive and beautiful range to choose from. Absolutely love the liner we choose, it’s amazing quality and beautiful.

Ingrid C
Pram liner

Excellent quality and very pretty fabric. Love love love it!

Kellie Wood
Pram liner

I love the pram liner that I got

Natasha J
Quality Pram Liner - Disappointing post sale communication

If the rating was purely about the liner, and matching belly bar cover and strap covers, it was almost a perfect fit for my Steelcraft Strider Compact Deluxe. It is well crafted and the extra padding was definitely plush. They wash well and obviously after 2 years there is colour fading but that is to be expected with washing regularly. My only issue was to hold the liner in place at the top, you had to tie ribbons around the handle you move to change the recline for the seat, instead of the Velcro that Steelcraft use to hold their own inserts in place. This caused some issues with my handle, jamming it in place because the ribbon gets into it.
While I found the communication before purchase incredibly speedy and helpful, I am yet to receive any response to my emails and FB messages for assistance post sale 2 years later. Maybe they felt they didn’t need to answer, but given the price paid for an item and the question was about that item and it’s use, I would consider it good business practice to respond, especially when you can see that the messages had been read. It’s made me hesitant to spend that sort of money again despite needing a second liner for the second seat now and our other pram.

Tracey Newman
High quality Liner

I purchased this pram liner 2 years ago and it is still in wonderful condition. Imagine, 2 toddlers and their sticky hands/faces/ constant eating/spilling everything in the pram. This liner has kept my pram looking impeccable and is always getting positive comments from the public regarding how pretty it is. I would purchase again! Fits perfectly to my Joolz Geo double pram

Naturally better
Why we use linens and cotton

Babies' skin can be especially sensitive to synthetics. Our naturally breathable pram liners allow air to circulate and canhelp regulate your little one's temperature while they're in the pram.

Additional Information

Will your pram liners fit my pram?

Yes. Audrey and Me pram liners are custom made to fit individual prams. We've been doing this for almost a decade and there isn't a pram on the market that we haven't made a liner for.

Simply type in your pram type on our product page and we'll do the rest.

We've designed all of our liner templates to give good coverage, especially when the seat is in the fully upright position.

If you would like to see how our liners fit your particular pram please first check out our socials (especially IG; in the highlights we have a pram liner collection that should be particularly helpful).

We custom make liners for ALL pram brands. Including but not limited to: Baby Jogger, Bugaboo, Uppababy, Steelcraft, Mountain Buggy, Redsbaby, Babyzen, Silver Cross, iCandy, Phil and Ted's, Valco, , B.O.B, Emmaljunga, Joolz, Milly & Coup and Mamas and Papas.

Do your liners work with pull to fold straps?

Our liners absolutely accommodate the pull to fold and we do it better than any other brand on the market. Rather than having a single long slot that will pull and eventually stretch out leaving a gap right where your child is sitting, we include two vertical slots that you’re able to pass the pull to fold strap through. Not only is this going to last longer, it will be more comfortable for bub.

Are Audrey and Me products machine washable?

Yes. All of our products are sent out with special care instructions. I'm a mother as well and I KNOW how important it is to have simple washing options available!

Do you make reversible pram liners & what is 'Designer reversible'?

On the product page one of the options you're able to choose is 'Reversible'. If you select yes, you're able to choose from our range of 'Mini Dot' designs, or select 'designer fabric' and choose any other pram liner design you like! If you select a reversible option, any strap or bumper covers you order will be be fully reversible as well! You'll essentially have two full liner sets in one, so its a great way to go.

Do you make liners for Bassinets?

We certainly do. They're the same as the pram liners, but in the "pram type" box just include "bassinet" 

Do you offer gift-wrapping?

Yes. Really nice gift-wrapping actually! Gift-wrapping is an option that you will be presented with at check out.

I selected the 'waterproofing' option and I'm so happy that I did! How did you do such a good job!? 

We don't spray our pram liners like other brands. We use a premium, waterproof fabric inserted between the layers of your pram liner. It's great for giving extra piece of mind when toilet training. Otherwise you'll never even notice it's there!

Should I order matching strap covers?

Yes! Strap covers are always a good call! They look great and your little one will thank you when they fall asleep in their pram while you're out shopping... Or at least they will when they wake up feeling well rested and happy! ... Assuming they can talk.

What will be on the back of my liner if I don't select reversible?

If you don’t choose reversible, we'll use a 100% natural cotton calico on the back of your liner.

Which colour will my trim be?

The trim will usually be the colour shown in the product shot of your main design. If you've chosen a reversible design and the product images have different trims we'll choose whatever we think is going to look best. If you have a special request send us a message on Facebook or Instagram. We're happy to change to whichever trim you prefer.

Double thickness?

Totally optional, but we definitely think that the extra loft and cushion are worth it! We also think the liners just sit up a little nicer. One thing you’ll notice is that our liners aren’t super puffy like a few other brands. Being a mother myself I know that it’s super important that it doesn’t affect you being able to fold the pram. All of the liners we show off on Instagram have the double thickness option included.

What is your return policy?

There are NO returns on custom pram liners except in the case of damage or defect upon receipt. Please refer to our Terms of Service for details:


Best Fitting pram liners

We've been making custom pram liners for almost a decade and there isn't a pram on the market that we haven't made a liner for.

Simply type in your pram type on our product page and we'll do the rest.